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Q: How can I solve this with a RPi?

I want to build something that I've not been able to find commercially available. It's a simple idea, and I'm thinking an RPi could do it quite well. The question is, what software components would be required to do it? It's basically a two-sided thumb-drive -- on one side, it plugs into a USB port and the computer it's plugged into can see some chunk of SD memory that has been set aside for shared use. The other side is a WiFi connection that I can hook into with my laptop (a MacBook Pro) wirelessly -- but it connects just as if it was the same thumb drive plugged into a USB port. That is, I want to access it on BOTH SIDES via the normal file system browser, not a web browser. The idea is that both sides will see the same chunk of SD memory as if it's the same thumb drive plugged into both of them at the same time. But one side uses a WiFi connection. (THIS is the problem I want to solve, so don't get creative with other solutions.) I'm not concerned with simultaneous file updates, so something simple like not making a file visible to the other side if it's being written to is quite adequate.
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