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Q: Pin 1 not outputting 3.3V

My Raspberry Pi pin 1 is not outputting 3.3V, it is in the mV range. I am using my Pi to communicate with an Opti-Logic RS100 Laser Ranger Finder. To do this, I am using a MAX3232CPE driver chip to convert the RS-232 voltage levels. I intend to use the Pi's 3.3V to power the chip. I have also changed cmdline.txt and inittab to remove reference to ttyAMA0 to allow the Pi's RS-232 to be controlled instead of being used as a command line. I have seen the output of this chip on an oscilloscope when powered by the Pi and it worked perfectly. Now, my Pi's 3.3V is not functioning correctly. Is there something I am missing in order to use this pin? Thanks in advance for any help.
jrpharis Asked by: jrpharis