Created by: vrocha

Published Jan. 10, 2014

Noisy it's a self driving robot that uses the brickpi, 2 lego motors and a ultrasonic sensor.

It consists a simple reflex agent that reacts to the proximity of objects and turns to the left or right to avoid them. It has many caveats as proximity sensor is not very accrue and it can't detect small objects.

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Step 1: Putting together the robot

In order to build the robot, you are going to need 3 wheels, 2 nxt motors, 1 ultrasonic sensor, 1 9 volt battery, and enough lego pieces to put everything together.

Start off by connecting the wheels to each one of the motors, and build a front axle for the last wheel. Now, attach the brickpi to the motors. The last thing you need to do, it's to attach the ultrasonic sensor to the brickpi.

Step 2: Clone the repo

The code for the project it's opensourced under a mit license. 

1. ssh into your raspberry pi

2. git clone

3. git clone

4. sudo python


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