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Created by: ericchou

Published Mar. 22, 2013

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This is just a fun project I had. I have been playing with Raspberry Pi quit a bit lately, it is quit an impressive little box. I bought three of them and want to use one as a portable box.

Following the instruction on various online posts, mainly from this one:

Here are the components that I bought besides the Pi itself (~$125 total):
1. Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock $79.99
2. Atrix cable bundle $17.99
3. Micro HDMI adapter $10.25
4. Micro USB adapter $5.64
5. Airlink WiFi module (optional) $10.13
6. Some velcro sticks local shop.

Here is the final result.


I have some idea of putting the Raspberry Pi into good network usage, but a bit early. Some other time, some other post when the project is more mature...  :)


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